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Help Friends of Whitefield by as you shop online with Easyfundraising or Amazon Smile

Whenever you go shopping online, you can get those shops to make a small donation  the Friends of Whitefield (FOWS) thanks to EasyFundraising –  and now Amazon Smile

It costs you absolutely nothing, you simply sign up and go shopping online. The  Friends of Whitefield is a registered charity that does excellent work running events and raising money to provide extras for students. You can find out more about what FOWS does here.   

Want to help? Of course you do. It's simple

1. Signing up for Easyfundraising 

Go to - Friends of Whitefield Schools 

and signup up. 

2. Optional - get the  the donation reminder

Usually you have to remember to visit before you do your shopping and find place you're about to spend money at in the directory and click on it. 

That's a faff and it's easy to forget, so  download the Donation Reminder browser plugin and install it. You might normally be dubious about adding toolbars to your browser, but this little plugin works well to remind you whenever you visit a website that will donate to the school. It will even show which shops in your Google searches will donate most. 

Screenshot of Donation Reminder plugin
When you Google, the plugin shows which shops will donate, and how much...  


Another donation reminder screen shot
It also adds a reminder to when you visit your favourite sites

5. or maybe you're a mobile shopper?

If you shop on your mobile phone, there are Easyfundraising apps for both Android and iPhone that make shopping a snap. You can find them in the app store

6. That's it

The sheer number and variety of companies that will donate is huge - there are over 3,000 of them. There’s more than just shopping - insurance, travel firms, hotels, utlities - lots of companies will the Friends of Whitefield a small cut of the amount that you pay.

7. Signing up for Amazon Smile

amazon smile logo

The only downside of the Easyfundraising Reminder toolbar is that it doesn't work with Amazon, but that's OK because Amazon has its own 'Smile' scheme  that  donates 0.5% of what you spend to the Friends of Whitefield. 

Just visit and choose Friends of Whitefield as your charity (Search for 'Whitefield' to find us - yes, we are the Whitefield 'based in Margate' for various weird reasons)

Then, whenever you shop on Amazon use  It's exactly the same as normal Amazon, except money goes to the charity use choose. 

You use Amazon's mobile app, we won't receive any donation, so delete the app and make a shortcut to on your phone's homescreen.

Thank you for your help