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The 4th Research Unlocked symposium

Every year the Whitefield Research and Development Centre runs the 'Research Unlocked' symposium, dedicated to presenting new educational research in an accessible, easy-to-use manner. 

This year's overall theme is 'Communication' and focusses on new tools and techniques that allow students, parents and classroom staff collaborate.

The 4th symposium takes place on November 14th, from 1pm until 4pm in the Research and Development Centre. To reserve your space use this booking form

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1.00pm   Welcome and updates on current initiatives

  • Geraldine O'Grady, Director, Whitefield Research & Development Centre –  Introduction to the European Erasmus+ project  'Promoting Effective Communication for Individuals with Vision Impairment and Multiple Disabilities'.
  • Zoe Wells, Specialist Early Years Researcher, Research & Development Centre – Update on research into Waltham Forest Parents' views and desires for 0-3 years  SEND provision.
  • Mark Bowes, QTVIJoseph Clarke Outreach ServiceUpdate on the efficacy of 'coloured tents' for visually impaired children and young people.

1.30pm Recent research updates

  • Nicole Whitelaw, Senior Lecturer in the Cass School of Education and Communities, UEL – Why we do practitioner research;  surprising results and communicating findings.
  • Kayleigh Hardy, Teacher, Whitefield Schools  – Formative self-assessment of wellbeing in autistic pupils, including pupil voice.
  • Tom Stacey, Teacher, Whitefield Schools – Developing communication with pre-verbal autistic pupils – a look at Attention Autism’s effectiveness at enhancing communication.
  • Roisin Marr, Teacher, Whitefield Schools  – Using Lego therapy to support the development of social competence skills in autistic pupils.

2.30pm  School based interventions

  • 2.30pm Louise Fuller Speech & Language Therapist, the Vale School Primary – PODD in the classroom and beyond –  How Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display books offer a way for children to communicate at home, at school and in the community.
  • 3.00pm Sadaf Aslam, Head of Teaching and Learning, TreeHouse School  & Charlie Levenson, Founder Multi Me – Social networking in practice –  Multi Me is a secure network, multi media communication platform and goal planning tool for people with learning disabilities. A look at how it can empower individuals in terms of independence and communication. 
  • 3.30pm Georgina Bull, Deputy Principal and MSI specialist teacher at Ravensbourne School – Teachers working with teachers – the Triad approach – How communication between teachers has improved outcomes for pupils and informed performance management. 
  • 4.00pm  Next steps. 

We look forward to seeing you, for what should be a stimulating afternoon - once again, don't forget to use the booking form to tell us that you are coming.