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Term Dates

These are the student term dates followed by both Whitefield Schools and Joseph Clarke Schools. All dates are inclusive.

Academic year 2020/2021

Autumn term 2020

  • Term starts: Mon 7th Sep
  • Half term: Mon 26th Oct  — Fri 30th Oct
  • Term ends: Fri 18th Dec

Spring term 2021

  • Term starts: Tues 5th Jan
  • Half term: Mon 15th Feb  — Fri 19th Feb
  • Term ends: Thu 1st April

Summer term 2021

  • Term starts:  Mon 19th Apr 
  • Bank Holiday: Monday 3rd May
  • Half term: Mon 31st May — Fri 4th Jun
  • Term ends: Thu 22nd Jul

Academic year 2021/2022

Autumn term 2021

  • Term starts: Mon 6th Sep
  • Half term: Mon 25th Oct  — Fri 29th Oct
  • Term ends: Fri 17th Dec

Spring term 2022

  • Term starts: Weds 5th Jan
  • Half term: Mon 14th Feb  — Fri 18th Feb
  • Term ends: Fri 1st April

Summer term 2022

  • Term starts:  Weds 20th Apr 
  • Bank Holiday: Monday 2nd May
  • Half term: Mon 30th May — Fri 3rd Jun
  • Term ends:  Fri 22nd Jul

Add the holiday calendar to your phone or computer

Good news - you don't have to enter the these dates manually if you have a phone or a computer calendar. Instead you can use the link below

  • iPhone, Outlook or Mac users - just click it to add it.
  • Android users - you may need to copy the link into your Google calendar first.

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If you're a member of staff looking for term dates including staff development days, you can find 2020/2021 dates here