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Research Unlocked 2019


On the afternoon of Tuesday 19th November, the Whitefield Research & Development Centre is holding its fifth 'Research Unlocked' symposium. This year there is a focus is on innovative work being done in the field of vision impairment, but we will also be exploring the latest research in a host of other topical areas.

The symposium starts at 1pm and will run until 4pm.   Presentations include: 

  • The social inclusion of adolescents with visual impairment  – Ifigeneia Manitsa –  PhD Researcher and Laboratory Tutor, Department of Psychology, Kingston University London.
  • Smell: The under-rated sense for helping children with profound and multiple learning difficulties Smell: The undervalued sense in the classroom   – Jo Fitzsimons, Deputy Director,  Whitefield Research & Development Centre.
  • Teaching strategies for students with Autism and Vision Impairment - considering both when planning. – Jessica Crisp, Teacher, Joseph Clarke School
  • Touch: Using haptic technology and stereo sound to create unique user interfaces   – Nikoleta Giannoutsou, Research Fellow, UCL Institute of Education.
  • London College of Fashion Masters Projects – London College of Fashion graduates video presentation.
  • Introducing technology into the classroom – Philip Agbozo, Teacher, Whitefield Schools
  • Teaching VI students across Europe - the surprising differences in approaches between countries – Marize Lawson, Head of School, Margaret Brearley School, Whitefield Schools​​​​​​​

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