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Volunteering at Whitefield

Whitefield Schools actively promotes and welcomes voluntary help and we make every effort to encourage and support voluntary input. Volunteers are not substitutes for paid staff; they provide an additional source of caring alongside our staff and we use them to enhance the service we offer.

Our Schools also provide placements for numerous students including: school students on work experience placements; FE or HE students following vocational or academic courses, young people on Government schemes, nursing students and work experience students.

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers and students can contribute in a variety of ways, depending on their interests and abilities and our needs. Some give us help with specific actives such as swimming or Social Education outings, for which an extra person is essential.  Others give us help across the whole range of curricular activities, generally supporting and encouraging our pupils’ participation.  We encourage volunteers to contribute their own ideas or experiences, such as artistic, sporting or musical skills.

We give our Volunteers supervision and guidance and they are not expected to undertake any task for which they are not trained.

Who can volunteer?

We recruite Volunteers from all sections of the community – we welcome men and women of all ages and from all cultural and social groups. Specific experience is not necessary; everyone has their own unique life experiences and skills to offer and we value enthusiasm and common sense.

All volunteer placements are organised by our Personnel Office, and student placements are organised by the CPD&I coordinator, both are responsible for ensuring good practice in their recruitment and deployment.  As the Schools’ first duty is to our children all volunteers and students over the age of 18 are required to provide two references and undergo a police check.

Why do people volunteer?

All sorts of reasons! Spare time… to meet new people… to gain some experience before deciding on a career or applying for a job… a wish to give something back to the community… and to have fun and enjoyment.