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  • Update: Joseph Clarke arrangements for Sept 7th return to school

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The Curriculum

Joseph Clarke School offers a personalised curriculum so that all pupils benefit from individualised learning underpinned by the National Curriculum. Teachers' planning ensures that pupils take part in activities which are meaningful and interesting for them and through which they address relevant and challenging learning outcomes. This enables all pupils to maximise their progress.

The curriculum is designed to help our pupils become:

  • Successful learners who enjoy learning and make outstanding progress.
  • Effective communicators who can express themselves, make choices and build positive relationships with other people.
  • Confident individuals who take a full part in activities within school and the community.
  • Responsible citizens who behave well and make a positive contribution to the school and the wider world.
  • Lifelong learners who leave school equipped for the adult world whether in paid employment, education or supported living.

The Primary Department

Pupils learn through play, exploration, practical activities and community involvement. The curriculum supports pupils to:

  • Develop communication skills in speech, gesture, sign or symbol so that they can interact with other people, make choices, follow instructions and explanations and access the key concepts needed for learning.
  • Establish key skills in literacy, numeracy, science and ICT, learning braille where appropriate
  • Learn to co-operate with other people, to build positive relationships and to take responsibility for themselves.
  • Learn the skills which will help them be more independent in adult life (such as mobility and orientation skills).
  • Learn about the world around them and the wider community.

The youngest pupils following this pathway will be working within the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.

The Secondary Department

Pupils access the National Curriculum Programmes of Study, adapted and augmented in the light of individual needs. The curriculum supports pupils to:

  • Develop effective communication through speech or sign and to interact confidently with other people.
  • Study as wide a range of academic subjects as is appropriate for individuals, leading to accredited courses and qualifications.
  • Develop self-awareness, respect for others and a sense of responsibilty, so that they can play their part in the school community and become active citizens as adults.
  • Develop confidence and personal independence.
  •  Learn about the world of work and develop the skills and understanding which will enable them to move into paid employment or voluntary work in adulthood.

All secondary aged pupils access accredited courses including GCSE, GCE and Entry Level where appropriate. Joseph Clarke works  in partnership with local mainstream and other special schools to offer a range of courses to meet individual needs and aspirations.

Sixth Form

The Sixth Form curriculum develops and consolidates the skills learnt throughout the Secondary phase by offering three bespoke Pathways.   In partnership with local mainstream schools, students following Pathway 1 are able to study A levels, BTEC courses, GCSEs and ASDAN short course awards.   Students following Pathway 2 are able to study GCSEs,  ASDAN short course awards and Entry Level courses. Pathway 3 students follow the ASDAN Towards Independence Award course.

All students are given the opportunity to participate in work experience projects.