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Reprographics & Resources

The Reprographics/Regional Resources Department prides itself in the fact that we supply specific size prints, Braille and tactile diagrams to all departments within the school to meet each individual pupil's needs, whether it is Grade 1 or grade 2, or a particular font.

The Department produces an extensive range of reading books for all ages. These cover many of the proposed reading schemes and GCSE set texts. Also, it supports pupils in integration programmes where a rapid production of worksheets and books is essential.

Developing Literacy

Literacy is particularly important to Vision Impaired children for if a picture paints a thousand words where does that leave the child who has little or no vision? They need every opportunity to use their highly developed literacy skills not only through talking, listening and discussing what they cannot see but also by having a huge bank of large print and Braille books available to them to further both their knowledge and understanding of the world they live in. This is our aim.