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Covid-19 information for parents/carers


We remain committed to delivering quality education and support for our children and young and people during the pandemic. We strive to:

  1. Keep our pupils and staff safe
  2. Keep our pupils engaged in their learning at school or by supporting them remotely if they are spending periods of term-time at home due to COVID-19.

Our approach is individualised to meet the needs of each pupil and continue to work with the staff and resources available to us. As we plan our provision we do assess risks, to balance the safety of our pupils and staff. We work in close partnership with our parents and carers, the local authority and professionals from health and education.

Please read Chief Executive’s update following the Prime Ministers announcement about the wider reopening of schools on 8th March 2021:

As you will be aware, the Prime Minister has announced that all schools can fully re-open on 8th March.  Whilst our schools have remained open to the majority of pupils throughout the Lockdown, some pupils have remained at home and have accessed our remote learning provision.  School leaders will be in touch shortly to confirm arrangements for those pupils who are yet to return so that all pupils are back in school by 8th March.

As always, our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our pupils and, as such, the fantastic teams at Whitefield and Joseph Clarke Schools are working hard to ensure a safe full re-opening.  We will continue to work with Public Health and the Local Authority and will follow all the necessary social distancing and hygiene measures across our schools.  Pleasingly, we are seeing cases falling within the London Borough of Waltham Forest; there are fewer than 85 cases per 100,000 of the population.  The majority of our staff have now received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and we will continue to facilitate testing for staff.

Thank you for your continued support of our schools during these extraordinary times.  Maintaining strong partnerships with our pupils’ families has never been more important and we greatly value the feedback we have received from parents.  If you have any further comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact your Family Support Team.

If you have any questions please contact Stephanie or Lesley Middleton, our family support team on:

At Whitefield Schools please contact Stephanie Earle or Lesley Middleton on

  • 0208 498 4230 – direct line
  • Or 07874 635 725, or 07874 635 728

At Joseph Clarke Schools please contact Sarah Bent on

  • 07871 778 470

We are committed to supporting home learning for any pupil who cannot attend school due to COVID-19, through Google Classroom, personal contact and online lessons. You can read our policy on this here.  

Kind regards 

Kirstie Fulthorpe

Chief Excuteive Officer


Here are some useful visual stories to share with your child/ren about  Coronavirus

click here to read a visual story   


click here to about about "why do i need to quarantine?"


We are committed to supporting home learning for any pupil who cannot attend school, through Google Classroom, personal contact and online lessons. You can read our policy on this here


As you may be aware, the Government have provided schools with coronavirus rapid tests from January.  We began our testing programme for staff on Thursday 7th September at Joseph Clarke School and 8th September for Whitefield School staff.  You may also find the following resources helpful:

  • A handbook for schools and colleges developed by NHS Test and Trace is available online, here.
  • blog from Luke Magee, Principal of Wye School, Ashford, Kent which has been part of the COVID 19 mass testing pilot during November and December 2020


Guidance for schools is updated regularly. Please click 

  • here to see the guidance on 'What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
  • here to see the guidance on 'Actions for schools during the coronavirus outbreak
  • here to see 'Guidance for full opening: special schools and other specialist settings'

A huge thank you to all the parents and carers who have worked with to  keeping our attendance figures so high during this difficult time

So impressed with Whitefield School and how quickly they got remotely learning up and running           

                                                                                                                                    from a parent

General questions and answers

Q. My child has mild symptoms that could be Covid-19, what should I do?
If your child has recently developed any of the following symptoms below, keep them at home and arrange to have a test (we may be able to – see below)
•    a new continuous cough
•    a high temperature (37.8C or higher)
•    a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell

You should contact the school to let us know. Your entire household should also self-isolate See this government page for full details.  

Q. I, or someone in our house has symptoms what should I do?
Every member of your household, including your child needs to self-isolate and stay at home and you should arrange a test for the person with symptoms. The same  government page has full information.

Please call the school to let us know.

Q. What are the schools doing to keep everyone safe?
All of our schools have a wide mix of measures in place to keep pupils and staff safe. These range from ‘bubbles’ to reduce mixing and social distancing to the use of PPE, changed procedures and stringent hand-hygiene measures. You can see guidance that staff must adhere to at Whitefield Schools [here] and Joseph Clarke [here]

Q. What will happen if my child develops symptoms at school?
If your child starts showing any of  the Covid-19 symptoms above while at school we will follow the recommended guidelines and contact you immediately. They will need to come home and  you will need to arrange a test for them (see below)

Q. Where can I book a test for my child?
The easiest way to book a test is online. Please follow this link. If you are having difficulty booking a test please let the school know.

Q. If my child is home what happens about their education?
Our first concern will be for your child’s health. But if they are well and able to do school work it is important that they don't miss out on their education. Their teacher will be in touch to discuss the ways in which the school can work with you. We use Google Classrooms to allow class teachers to share work and communicate.

Q. where can I find more information about keeping my family safe?

  • The government has a single page that gathers all the latest advice here: 
  • Waltham Forest Council has compiled information from the NHS and Mencap designed to help discuss the current situation with people who have learning difficulties. You can find it here

Q. If I am concerned or want further advice, who should I talk to?
Call Family Support at your school who will be able to help you

At Whitefield Schools Stephanie Earle or Lesley Middleton on 
•    0208 498 4230 - direct office line
•    or 07874 635 725, or 07874 635728

At Joseph Clarke School call Sarah Bent on
•    07871 778 470