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In February 2017, Extant lost a dear friend and long-time collaborator, Tim Gebbels. As a way of remembering him and the impact he had on our work, we asked friends and supporters of the company, and of Tim himself, to donate to The Tim Gebbels Bursary. Thanks to their generosity, we now have a £3,000 fund with which to support UK-based visually impaired artists at a crossroad in their career and wanting to try something new.

So whether you're an acrobat or actor, a composer or contortionist, a dancer or dramaturg, if you're based in the UK and visually impaired, this is for you. Nominate yourself. Don't be shy. If you're a director you might want to ask us for money towards training or your next production. A musician might ask us to cover their travel to and from gigs. A fire eater might ask us for a light. We haven't specified what you should ask for; it's up to you to tell us what you need. 

*You have until 5 pm on Friday, 23 March*

For more information visit the link below:

If you're struggling to sell yourself (although, if you're an artist, it's a skill well worth developing!), perhaps subtly/not-so-subtly get a friend to nominate you...