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SENDsuccess:  The new name for Outreach in Waltham Forest

SENDsuccess is the new single Outreach Service for Waltham Forest.  Funded by Waltham Forest Council, and run by the combined Joseph Clarke and Whitefield Outreach service teams, its mission is to work in partnership with mainstream schools in the borough to ensure the successful inclusion of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

The service supports pupils with sensory impairment and mobility and autism, learning and cognitive disabilities. Within the SENDsuccess team there are experienced teachers with specialist qualifications in visual impairment, teachers of the deaf, SEN outreach teachers and an audiological technician.  We also have an ICT specialist and a Habilitation Specialist within the team for the vision impaired.

What it offers

  • Individual and whole-school training for new and established staff in a range of SEND areas.   
  • 1:1 support for specific sensory
  • Advice and support for parents
  • Audiological equipment set-up and support for hearing impaired pupils
  • Advice on selecting and using the appropriate technology to support vision impaired pupils
  • Mobility support and training for vision impaired pupils from a qualified Habilitation Specialist
  • A dedicated website with up to date information and resources
  • An online referral system for parents/carers, schools and healthcare professionals
  • A dedicated email address and phone number for queries 
  • An on-going news and Twitter feed with updates on information that impacts the way that schools, parents and carers can support their children.

Benefits of using the service

  • We are a local authority funded service and therefore free to schools within Waltham Forest
  • We have combined the resources of two long-established outreach teams and are committed to building on our existing partnerships  and sharing our knowledge and experience with families and schools in Waltham Forest.
  •  The new single point of referral is designed to be simple and we will ensure that all referrals are considered in a timely and efficient manner.

Where can find the new service