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Summer exams show continued achievement at Whitefield

It was another summer of achievement at Whitefield Schools this year. Students across Niels Chapman school achieved excellent results in examinations and accredited courses,  a testament to their hard work and commitment. Meanwhile moderators from ASDAN  commented on the high level of achievement from pupils in Margaret Brearely School with submitted work showing a wide variety of work and definite progress. Some pupils in Peter Turner Primary were able to take English, Maths and Science SATs and special congratulations go to the pupil who achieved level 3 in both Maths and English.

Our congratulations to the students who achieved so much and the staff whose support made it possible.

Niels Chapman School


ASDAN introduced two accreditations this year – the New Horizon Awards and the Certificate in Personal Progress

Key Stage 3

Two pupils achieved ASDAN New Horizons Awards

Key Stage 4

Fifteen pupils achieved a Certificate in Personal Progress.

Post 16

Fourteen pupils in Niels Chapman School achieved Towards Independence Awards.


  • Six pupils were entered of GCSE ICT CIDA exam which consisted of two parts, an exam and coursework. 
  • Two pupils passed at Grade ‘C’. 
  • The other four pupils passed the exam but just missed passing the coursework grade by a couple of points.  

Functional Skills

  • Three pupils achieved OCR Maths Functional skills Level 1 and one also achieved OCR English Functional Skills Level 1 (100%)
  • One pupil achieved OCR English Functional skills level 1. (100%)

Entry Levels

  • Nine pupils achieved Edexcel Science Entry Level, four at level 3, four at level 2 and one at level 1 (100%)
  • Six pupils achieved OCR French Entry level, five at  Level 3 and one at level 2. (100%)
  • Four pupils achieved OCR English Entry Level Certificate, one at level 3, one at level 2 and two at Level 1. (100%)

Project Search

Project Search is our post-16 internship programme, designed to help students into full time, paid work.

So far this year

  • 5 interns achieved employment
  • 2 interns have job  interviews scheduled