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Support for Al Muddassar School, Pakistan

On Saturday 13th June 2015 Elaine Colqhoun and Joanne Sweeney were kindly invited to a charity event  on behalf of the Al Muddassar Trust which supports the Al Muddassar School.

The Al Muddassar School is a Special School in Pakistan. The charity which supports the fundraising for the school is based in Ilford. Mrs Rashda Mahmood –Awan got in touch with Whitefield School to establish a link with the idea of sharing good practice and ideas. Following the initial visit Rashda registered with the British Council and was very keen for the founder of the Al-Muddassar trust Mr Shah to visit Whitefield Schools

Mr Shah school came over to England in March 2015 especially to visit Whitefield School. He took many ideas away with him and was particularly interested in the Research and Development Centre and facilities to train staff in the field of SEN.

The partnership is in the very early stages of development but we are very looking forward to the future and what it may bring for both schools.

The school was set up in 1999, with 8 children who had special needs or a disability.

It is now a state of the art complex set in 20 Hectares with :

  • 260 children in attendance at day school
  • 100 children boarding in house
  • 20 classrooms with 26 specialist teachers
  • 3 workshops to provide skills training


Education is provided free of charge and it is all funded through own sources of trustees.


The Charity event took place in Walthamstow Assembly Hall.