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Congratulations to Joseph Clarke's SATS sitters

Congratulations to our four Year 6 pupils who took the new-style Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) this year -  all are vision impaired and two are Braille users. The fact that they successfully sat the tests represents a considerable achievement and is a testament both to their hard work and to the support given by their teacher Deborah Barrett and her team. We are delighted with the results.

Throughout their studies the school gives pupils the resources they need to access learning from Braille reading materials to electronic magnifiers and Braille protractors for maths lessons. But taking SATs is more complicated for visually impaired children than their sighted counterparts.

The exam papers themselves are supplied in bold, large print or Braille, depending on the student’s needs and the examining body also supplies adapted resources to go with the paper – so, for example, where a maths paper has a diagram showing a three-dimensional shape, the visually impaired candidate also receives a solid model of the same shape. Pupils either write their answers in pen, use a Brailler, or can use a ‘scribe’ – a person who will write their answers down for them.

Photo of the students who sat the SATs
Congraulations to our students who sat the  new-style Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) this year
A photo of the braille protractor, 3D shape provided for the exams
Some of the specialist resources provided for the exam.

As for the pupils themselves, this was the first time that they had faced formal external tests, but they have all come through unscathed: Both Hasseeb, and Abdur-Rehman say they actually enjoyed taking the tests while Meyrem says that she “had to read very fast”. Her advice to anyone taking the tests next year would be “don't worry about the SATs”. Hasseeb agrees “don’t stress” he advises. And while Reece admits that he was nervous on his first day, he adds “I’m not nervous any more”.

Our congratulations to everyone for their hard work and their achievements.