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“I love the kindness I see from the staff and how happy the children are”

— Parent comment from our latest survey 

Parents paint positive picture of Whitefield Schools

Thank you to all everyone who took the time to fill in our parents and carers survey at the end of last year. Once again were delighted by the response, with 137 people completing and returning the questionnaire.  

The responses were overwhelmingly positive with

  • 100% of responses saying that their child is happy at Whitefield Schools,
  • 100% saying that their child feels safe
  • 100% saying that their child is well looked after. 

You can see the range of responses in the graph below. 

Graph of parental responses.

On the question about our ability to deal with bully effectively, parents wrote on the form that since they hadn't come across bullying they were putting 'not sure' or 'no experience'.

As the final question we asked "If there is anything else you would like the school to know, please tell us here and we will get back to you." 

“I’m very happy with everything in Whitefield School”

“I love the kindness I see from the staff and how happy the children are”

“the school plans my son’s education in a person-centred way and I am fully involved”

“the very best school for M”

“we are so very pleased with every aspect of S’s education, well-being, social development, self-care”

“I would like to say thank you to all for creating such a great opportunity to develop for kids like M”

“My daughter is obviously very happy at school and has made fantastic progress over the years”

24 parents raised specific concerns or questions

Of these:

  • 8 were unhappy with the level of speech and language therapy available – we will be  taking on an additional speech therapist shortly
  • 7 asked for more regular information on their children’s progress – we are exploring how to produce termly progress reports for those parents who would like them.. 
  • 1 parent shared information about her son’s behaviour at home
  • Other comments were very specific to individual circumstances – we have contacted every parent to discuss these.

All comments have been discussed by the Principal and the appropriate Head of School and parents expressing concerns have been contacted. Thank you once again for everyone who took part.