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Laura Pease becomes Whitefield Schools' Principal

Congratulations to Laura Pease, who was appointed Principal of Whitefield Schools this week. Laura first joined the school in 1982 before becoming head of Margaret Brearely School and then Vice Principal in 2011.

She said "I am (obviously!) delighted to have been appointed as Principal of Whitefield. I came to the school as a (very) young teacher intending to gain experience of SEN and leave after about 5 years – but by that time I had realised what an amazing place this school is and stayed for the long term! Whitefield has given me so much and it is an exciting prospect to be its Principal and to continue working to make sure that children, young people and staff all have the opportunities they deserve."

Photograph of Laura Pease
Laura Pease, Whitefield Schools' new Principal

The promotion comes as Elaine Colquhoun, prepares to move from Executive Principal to take on the role of  Chief Executive Officer of Whitefield Academy Trust. Elaine said  "I am delighted to announce that Laura has been appointed Principal of Whitefield Schools. Her wealth of knowledge and skills will  be a great asset in the developing academy. I'm sure everyone will join me in offering congratulations and Well Done!"

Laura formally takes up the reins as Principal after half term.