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Thanks Osborne, for our special Story Chair

This week saw our friends from Osborne Property Services present us with a splendid new hand-made story chair, designed with special sensory decorations. 

The concept was born some months back when Osborne's Community Investment Manager, Neal Allison and headteacher Maureen Duncan were having a conversation about  storytelling and how to enhance and capture these 'magical moments'. After throwing a few ideas around,  they settled on the idea of a handcrafted chair, with sensory elements for the children to explore. 

Travis Perkins kindly donated the material to create a chair big enough for two or three children to sit on at any one time and  Osborne's carpenter Alan was really keen to get involved and volunteered his time over over a couple of months to build 'Magic Moments' which includes textured wood, neon paint and  carved shapes.

The Osborne team at Wood Street will be back in the New Year at agreed times to share story telling with the pupils. 

Our thanks to everyone involved for the lovely gift and their on-going support.

This is how it started
This is how it started....
Alan gets to work
Alan hard at work
The finished chair
In all its glory