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New parking restrictions near Whitefield Schools

The Council has extended parking restrictions, which may effect parents and carers dropping off their children. 

The restrictions come into force on October 26th and cover Macdonald road on the far side of the railway bridge and the adjoining Spencer and Chaucer roads.  There will be no parking from 10am to 4pm without a permit. Unfortunately there is no possibility of parking within the school.

Map of the new controlled parking zone
Map of the new controlled parking zone

Since no parking is available on the Whitefield Schools site itself,  parents and carers who want to pick up their children by car may find parking difficult.

School parking permits

The council does provide 15 minute "School parking permit" details of which can be found here. The price of the permit ranges from £21 per year to £125 per year, depending on your car's engine capacity.

The Council will ask for you to give a letter from the school confirming that your child comes to Whitefield and that are permitted to pick him or her up.   Gill Wadeson in Family Support ( will be able to provide you with the letter.