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    IT students show off web-development and Lego skills

    A group of students – from Joseph Clarke School and  Whitefield Schools  – held an exhibition of their work at Waltham Forest College last week, showing off their skills both with web development, Lego construction and presentation of their work last week.

    The group, whose hobbies include both Lego and playing basketball were asked to put together a website for a fictional company -  the result was Ballers and Builders website — where they could showcase their work. The students had to design the logo, write the copy for the site as well as put together the design. It was an excercise in teamwork as well as technical skill. 

    The project took 4 months in total and at the exhibition the students also talked about what inspired them to create their designs.

    By working together, we have made a website. We had lots of ideas and had discussions about the logo, information to be used on each webpage and photos that we wanted to display. We all needed to agree on everything relating to the website which helped us take ownership for our individual work.

    The feedback from the event was very positive. Everyone who attended was very impressed with the Lego models and the website. Thank you to everyone who visited. student with lego modelsstudent with lego models

    student with lego models

    student with lego models