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    Exhibition shows students' sculptures cast in bronze

    Bronze sculptures by Joseph Clarke students were displayed in the Parasol Unit Gallery in Islington last week. The sculptures, by Reece, Sam, and Shanee are on sale for between £720 and £960, with proceeds going towards the purchase of new BrailleNote digital braillers for the school. 

    The exhibition is the culmination of a project that began last July when highly-acclaimed sculptor Daniel Silver visited Joseph Clarke school. Daniel worked with the children on creating their own sculptures, emphasising the sense of touch, so that – for example – they  would feel their own faces and then try to recreate them in clay. He selected five of the works to be cast into bronze and the proceeds from sales will be donated to the school.  The exhibition was run by 'Uno O Uno' a non-profit organisation that 'brings together artists and special needs groups for meaningful experiences resulting in artworks through creative exchange'.

    Daniel Silver with students
    Daniel Silver guided students through the creative process.

    We are incredibly grateful to Daniel for his generous donation of time, expertise and materials. Congratulations to the students whose work was selected!

    Photograph of the sculptures
    The sculptures on display.
    Isobel Cox at the exhibition
    Headtecher Isobel Cox at the exhibition with the sculptures.